Gerunds and Infinitives

Gap-fill exercise

Complete the sentences with the correct verb forms.
a) Do you remember (eat) steak in that little restaurant in Glasgow?
b) I regret (say) that the trip to Italy was cancelled.
c) I couldn’t sleep so I tried (count) sheep.
d) He tried to (reach) the book on the upper shelf but he was too small.
e) We stopped (have) a rest because our driver felt sleepy.
f) Oh, I forgot (buy) potatoes. I will have to get back to the shop.
g) I remember (go) to the beach when I was a child.
h) I regret (tell) Jane the secret. Now everybody knows it.
i) He stopped (eat) sweets because of diabetes.
j) Have we really studied this topic before? I forgot (read) about it.