Gap-fill exercise

Fill in all the gaps with the correct verb forms.
1 If I (have) time, I (go) to see him. But I didn't have time.
2 If I (be) the Prime Minister, I (make) the museums free.
3 If it (be) hot, I (go) to the beach. But it’s only 15oC.
4 It was really cold on holidays. If it (be) hot, I (go) to the beach.
5 If you (go) to the party, you (meet) my husband.
6 If I (win) a million dollars I (stop) working tomorrow!
7 If you (save) your money, you (can buy) a computer. Now you can’t afford it.
8 If you (save) a little more money, soon you (buy) the laptop you want.
9 I’m going to London next week, so If I (have) enough time, I (visit) my friends there.
10 If I (have) enough money, I (go) on Safari to Kenya. However, my bank account is almost empty!