Gap-fill exercise

Dejte slovesa v závorkách do správného tvaru.
1. podmínková věta
1 If you hard (study), you (pass) the exam, no problem.
2 I (tell) her to contact you if you (give) me your phone number.
3 They (not pay) you if you (not finish) the project on time.
4 I think she (earn) a lot more if she (improve) her qualification.
5 What (you, do) if you (not win) the match?

2. podmínková věta
1 If my team (win) the Cup, I (buy) champagne for everybody. But I know there’s not a big chance.
2 It’s raining. If the weather (be) nicer, we (go) for a trip.
3 If she (come) home earlier, she (call) you.
4 If everyone (have) clean water to drink, there (be) a lot less disease.
5 If I (meet) Elvis Presley, I (say) hello.

3. podmínková věta
1 If it (not start) to rain, we (walk) to the museum.
2 If you (study) for the test, you (pass) it.
3 If you (ask) me for help, I (help) you.
4 If Tara (be) free yesterday, I (invite) her.
5 I (buy) you a present if I (know) it was your birthday.