As an enthusiastic painter and collector of military miniatures, I decided to resurrect my childhood dream of producing little tin soldiers and commissioned the renowned miniature sculptor Paul Hicks. Paul designed the interwar Czechoslovak infantry and the Thirty Years War ranges. I would like to continue the production of some of the finest 28mm war game and collectors’ figures mainly those connected with the Czech history.

The miniatures are researched and sculpted in meticulous detail and cast by a specialist in centrifugal casting to ensure you receive good quality castings which are to be despatched to you by a fast and reliable mail order service.

You can see all the miniatures as a thumbnail which can be enlarged for greater detail.

I will try to release new war games figures annually and will be pleased to hear from any painters, collectors, or wargamers who have any ideas and comments.


TYW Veterans

Thirty Years War

Light cav with sword.jpg